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Doctor JK has changed my life in ways I had not imagined possible, and in only three sessions. I knew I needed help and that the traditional talk-therapy modalities I'd tried for my than half my life couldn't even begin to chip away at the PTSD I've got; my friend recommended I try out Dr K and I haven't looked back. I'm only looking forward these days! Dr. Julie's method of a free consultation call was novel for me and frankly, that brief chat left me wanting more.

Dr Kokesch is both objective and compassionately supportive, hops in to request more details if needed, but is also very skilled at simply allowing the process to just happen. And it will as long as you trust her and truly have a desire to overcome what doesn't serve you. If you're willing and able to do your part with Dr Kokesch's passionate encouragement, your brief time with her will rapidly yield long-lasting positive results.

I'm very comfortable talking on the phone and using a computer, so working with her on the phone while also listening to music and watching a video online isn't difficult for me. She made the set-up process very simple and once we've begun the session, it almost feels as if it directs itself. She was also kind enough to offer in-person sessions initially if I preferred.

While the per-session cost may cause sticker shock for some, rest assured that the course of therapy with Dr Kokesch will be brief with a very high return on investment.

I highly recommend Dr Julie--she's a lifesaver! Do yourself a favor, take that first step to get out of your way, and call her today.

Jen A.


Dr. Kokesch has changed my life for the better since I began seeing her in 2016.

I was dealing with some traumatic events at the time and was suffering from severe anxiety. It was so bad that I didn't want to leave my house. 

Dr. Kokesch was very patient and supportive, and the combination of talk therapy as well as sessions in the neuroacoustics chair (something I had never seen nor experienced in my life) got me through the darkest time in my life. 

Three years later I still continue to see her, but haven't needed to go as frequently as my anxiety is significantly more manageable. 

Worth every penny.

Samantha E.

Dr Julie K has helped me make tremendous strides in my personal development through her compassionate and thought-provoking methods of consultation. Her vast knowledge of psychology and refreshingly authentic approach has helped me understand key aspects of my past and current issues. Dr Julie's signature ability to facilitate clear "Aha moments" of self-realization inspire goals and tangible action plans that produce real results. Through an intuitively designed and professionally thoughtful customized plan, I receive priceless assistance like I've never experienced before. In the 9 months of consistently working together, I have made more progress with my mental health than I could have ever thought possible. Dr Julie has helped me gain a life of meaning, authentic purpose and endless possibilities. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to work with her and look forward to continued success together. Thank you.

Jessica W

You help me focus on the truth., “Grounded” is the word I feel when I talk with you.  You help me feel like a grownup, who is more than capable to live this life without dis-ease. You’re in my top "most amazing women in my life" by the way

Kathleen B

Julie Kokesch is a singular woman and consultant. Cutting edge, hugely empathic and one of the best therapists I have ever had the pleasure to know. She is truly gifted at what she does and I cannot recommend her more highly. You will not be disappointed. Try her and you will be a convert

Deborah J

I just had my first session and it was a life changing experience that words can not describe. I was clear. I was fully embodied in the knowing of who I am and of all the GREATNESS that I deserve and that is coming my way!!! My heart and soul thank you.

Megan D


Healing session with Dr Julie left me feeling so calm and relaxed and peaceful like taking that relaxing vacation without the hassle

Lynda L


Just had a sound session with Julie Kokesch who is Awesome...what a trip! Im so relaxed right now! I hope nobody harshes my vibe! 

Carol K


Wow!!! I am totally zenned out right now!!

Keith L


Being in the Neuroacoustic chair made me feel relaxed and stress free. I felt I could let go and really experience the floating sensation of the lights, vibration and cool music!

Sara B


I just had an incredible experience with Julie Kokesch. You have to check this out. The Neuroacoustic Vibrational session created a sense of entering another level of consciousness. It was so relaxing and felt like an out of body experience. I recommend you have your own experience and feel the benefits. When we seek wellness we are in line with our purpose and may help others.

Michael V


Awesome session today! First one and I'll be back for more. So meditative and relaxing. Out of body experience. Very healing.


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