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Dr Julie K is a Transformational Life Coach with a Bachelors degree in Psychology from UCLA and Masters and Doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology. She has been working in the personal development field over 17 years. She provides Coaching Online and in-person in Los Angeles. You might have seen her on TLC’s “My Strange Addiction” or “The Dr Phil House”. 


Dr Julie K has worked at the Gay & Lesbian Center, a private Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Malibu and an outpatient Treatment Center for teens and their families.  Her doctoral dissertation was written on the "Psychological Manifestations of Internet Addiction in the Digital Native Population", of which she has lectured on at a graduate university. She has been trained to do NeuroAcoustics by the Center for NeuroAcoustic Research (CNR).  In 2019 she completed the Rave ABC & Living Your Design courses at the International Human Design School.



Dr Julie K was originally inspired by a counselor she had when she was 17 years old.  While listening to his guidance, she recalls thinking, “when I grow up I want his job”. Dr Julie K is a natural born advisor and has a passion for getting to the root of a situation. This led Dr Julie K on her quest to learn from the most cutting edge healers, scientists and clinicians.  Their knowledge, combined with a lot of personal life experimentation continues to inspire her interest in personal development.


Coming up

Dr Julie K is currently working on developing a group coaching model and is available to speak to groups.  In the new year she has been invited to be interviewed on several podcasts about mental health, Human Design and other various topics.

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