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Life Coaching tools inspired by Doctorate level Psychology training, Human Design, BG5, NeuroAcoustics and Financial Psychology. Practical suggestions that are easy to understand so you can continue Thriving.


$275 a session (60-75 minutes)

$55 per group


Some discounted packages are available, please inquire.

We have limited sliding-scale slots that open up periodically; you may inquire to be interviewed for one of these and/or be put on the waiting list.

Philosophy of Care

You are not alone. Opening up to one person who is supportive, compassionate and optimistic can feel risky but that first step can be the beginning of a new sense of freedom. Who we “are” and what we “do” are not the same.  We may feel confused by outside influences.  Discovering who we are and finding comfort and pride in who we are as a person is more important than what type of job we have. 


What can a client expect on their first visit

Perspective is everything and sifting through the multiple opinions and messages from society, and often times our loved ones, can be an overwhelming task.  Seeking advisement, direction, and support from a trusted understanding consultant can be the key to clarity and happiness for you. Initially Dr Julie likes to get an overview of your whole life, and then focuses on your top three areas of desired improvement.  Then we explore action steps you can take today to move towards growth, healing & thriving.

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