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Dr. Julie K. offers life coaching services integrating psychology, human design, neuroacoustics, financial psychology, and other evidence-based modalities. Her practical, easy-to-understand approach empowers clients with tools to continue thriving.


Session Rates


  • $275 per 60-75 minute private session

  • $55 per group session

  • Discounted coaching packages available upon request

  • Limited sliding scale slots open periodically for those who qualify based on financial need


Coaching Philosophy


The first step in any journey of growth and self-discovery can feel challenging, but you don't have to take it alone. With compassion and optimism, Dr. Julie K. creates a judgement-free space for clients to explore their authentic self and unlock their full potential.


Initial Session Experience


An initial coaching session provides an opportunity to share your story and goals while gaining broader perspective. Dr. Julie K. will conduct a holistic life overview, then hone in on your top 3 priorities for positive change. Together, you'll identify actionable steps tailored to your unique needs that catalyze growth, healing and empowerment. Clients often report feeling seen, heard, and equipped with renewed clarity and direction after an initial consult.

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