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Human Design synthesizes aspects of two families of science - the ancient observational systems of Astrology, the Chinese I'Ching, The Hindu-Brahmin Chakras, and the Judaic Kabbalah are coupled with the contemporary disciplines of quantum mechanics, astronomy, genetics, and biochemistry.  The basis of the Human Design System is derived from a subatomic particle called the Neutrino.

Happy People


How your Aura works

Also referred to as career type; how your energy works alone and in conjunction with others

4 Main Types


Your Interaction Style

Your unique way of interacting with others and life

Respond, Inform, Reflect? 

Support Group
Thinking of Ideas


How You Make Decisions

Your internal guidance system to make accurate decisions for yourself and your life

Follow, honor, listen...

Shadow Sides

Areas To Decondition

The open centers of your Human Design chart are the areas where you gain the most wisdom

Awareness is key

Shadow Show
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